Plucked String Video Clips

This site contains links to a series of short video clips showing the motion of a "plucked" elastic cord. For each clip, a knowin tension is applied to the cord, the linear mass density is measured, and the cord is lifted at one point and released. The clips were created using a high speed digital video camera. The frame rate, tension, and linear mass density of the cord are recorded on the second frame of each video clip.

FILE NAMING SCHEME: "A or B""L or S""M or E"-"height of pluck from equilibrium (cm)"-"hanging mass (g)"-"take number"

A= String A, weaker elastic, has a lower linear mass density.

B= String B, stronger elastic, larger linear mass density.

L=Long (length from post to pulley) 1.73 (m).

S= Short (length from post to pulley) 1.00 (m).

M= Middle (x-postition of pluck on string) either .5 (m) or .865 (m)

E= End (x-position of pluck on string) either .75 (m) or 1.3 (m)

The video files below link to high speed digital movies, demonstrating the wave motion of a plucked string from different heights and tensions.

The maple worksheet files link to a running maple worksheet. These contain graphs, and animations (need maple to open).

The example data files link to an Excel document containing data points (coordinates) of a fixed point on a string. These can be used to produce graphs that will show the dampening of the wave.

Videos Maple Worksheets Example Data (Data points) ALE-15-150-01-damp.mws ALE-15-150-01.xls ALE-30-100-02-damp.mws ALE-30-100-02.xls ALE-30-150-01-damp.mws ALE-30-150-01.xls ALE-30-175-01-damp.mws ALE-30-175-01.xls ALM-15-150-01-damp.mws ALM-15-150-01.xls ALM-30-100-01-damp.mws ALM-30-100-01.xls ALM-30-150-01-damp.mws ALM-30-150-01.xls ALM-30-175-01-damp.mws ALM-30-175-01.xls BLE-30-250-01-damp.mws BLE-30-250-01.xls BLE-30-300-01-damp.mws BLE-30-300-01.xls BLE-30-350-01-damp.mws BLE-30-350-01.xls BLM-30-250-01-damp.mws BLM-30-250-01.xls BLM-30-300-01-damp.mws BLM-30-300-01.xls BLM-30-350-01-damp.mws BLM-30-350-01.xls BSE-17.3-250-01-damp.mws BSE-17.3-250-01.xls BSE-17.3-300-01-damp.mws BSE-17.3-300-01.xls BSE-17.3-350-01-damp.mws BSE-17.3-350-01.xls BSE-8.6-250-01-damp.mws BSE-8.6-250-01.xls BSE-8.6-300-01-damp.mws BSE-8.6-300-01.xls BSE-8.6-350-01-damp.mws BSE-8.6-350-01.xls BSM-17.3-250-01-damp.mws BSM-17.3-250-01.xls BSM-17.3-300-01-damp.mws BSM-17.3-300-01.xls BSM-17.3-350-01-damp.mws BSM-17.3-350-01.xls BSM-8.6-250-01-damp.mws BSM-8.6-250-01.xls BSM-8.6-300-01-damp.mws BSM-8.6-300-01.xls BSM-8.6-350-01-damp.mws BSM-8.6-350-01.xls


The high speed videos below display both the actual string motion and the theoretical model of the string behavior at the same time.

Theory and Experimental Videos

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